D.L.D. - Dynamic Lighting Design

This study is about dynamic lighting as a tool to achieve amenity and sustainability in open space. We aim to study how dynamic lighting projections can impact on amenity and people’s engagement in public space, oriented towards a socially sustainable development, and then to create a parametric tool that demonstrates these dynamic lighting patterns in public space. There is a positive aspect of implementing dynamic lighting in open space. Dynamic lighting is present in urban relighting evaluations that have reported improvements in the general perception of the environment and generally making the environment psychologically more inviting, in essence providing sustainability. We aim to create first a formalized way to analyse architecture, dynamic lighting technology and digital 3d projection technology by merging theory and technology in the field of study. Then we will look for key design parameters of light and space by reviewing theories and by analysing and documenting some case studies that integrate dynamic lighting design. Our desirable outcome is to design the D.L.D. tool, which will analyse and demonstrate patterns of light on public space. As an example, the D.L.D. tool will be used to create dynamic lighting effects for an open area in the city of Athens, a public square; and also to control these effects.

Aristeia Research Program 2012-2015

Source of Funding: General Secretariat of Research and Technology

Researchers: Dimitris Papalexopoulos ( Scientific Responsible), Aimilia Karamouzi, Tassos Varoudis, Athina Stavridou, Sofia Tzimopoulou